I have only gone and fucking done it!!!!

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The Swollen Goiter of God
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Postapocalypse Survivor - 7510 Posts
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Re: I have only gone and fucking done it!!!!

Post by The Swollen Goiter of God » December 12th, 2014, 2:25 pm

Maybe this one will work for you:


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Washer of the Tights - 250 Posts
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Re: I have only gone and fucking done it!!!!

Post by Corporal_Hicks » December 20th, 2014, 9:09 pm

The Swollen Goiter of God wrote:I wonder just how different these generic military first-person shooters are from one another. I wonder the same about all the Madden games. Just how different from one another can they be when a new one comes out every year? I'm sure you'd see big differences if you skipped from Madden NFL 06 to Madden NFL 15, but how different are they when they're only separated by a single year?

Maybe this is a question for Hicks. Maybe it's less about big leaps in game play, mechanics, and graphics, and more about getting the updated rosters.
I'm going to respond to this, soon. It's on the same to do list as my Jaws 4 review.

It's coming, I promise! :o

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